Saturday, January 15, 2011

Helicopter in the Chandelier

I was at a party, something like a huge wedding or ball. There were enormous hallways with three- or four-story high ceilings and a huge ballroom. I was walking around with Alicia because some of her friends were mad at her. At one point, Courtney walked up to us and yelled at Alicia for some reason. Alicia was super sad. I was walking around with my arms around her in a hug to protect her.

Alicia was gone but I was still at the ball. I saw Marc S. and went over to say hi. He put his arm over my shoulders and we chatted. There were tons of people there, he knew some of them. There was a group playing duck-duck-goose or something nearby and everyone was super raucous. Marc and I started to wrestle on the ground, even though it was a fancy event. We were having fun but I told him he was drunk (his breath smelled like beer) and he got mad and turned into a cake.

I tried to apologize to the cake and tell him I was sorry, but I did truly think he was drunk. The cake was small and round with chocolate frosting and sparkly blue and green jewels on it. I picked it up and took it with me as I walked to the main ballroom.

The cake was no longer Marc, it was now just a cake. I sat down in a corner of the ballroom by myself away from all the people and ate the entire cake. Even in my dream I thought that was a fat ass thing to do. The ballroom was filled with people and the ceilings were very high just like the rest of the building. There were massive glass chandeliers in the ceiling.

A helicopter flew into the ballroom from one of the entrances. It had people partying on it; we were suddenly at a high school event (maybe our reunion?) because all the girls on the helicopter were from my class in high school. They were having a great time and hollering as their helicopter barely missed the main chandelier. Someone told me that the group of girls on the helicopter had paid $80,000 to fly it through the ballroom like that. I thought that was insane.

Soon another helicopter of party people came through, though this one totally looked like it hit the chandelier. I guessed that it didn't as it flew through unscathed. I think one more came through that same entrance after that.

Then another helicopter came through another entrance. The woman flying this one didn't look very sure of herself. She yelled down, "am I going to hit the chandelier?", and I said I didn't think so. She kept flying very slowly forward but suddenly the propeller stopped and they froze in mid-air for a split second.

Then the nose of the craft took a dive and the plane (it was a plane now, the kind with an open top like from the '40s) went straight into the ground. There were four girls in the back of the plane seated in two rows of two and the pilot was in the front. They crashed such that the front of the plane back to where the pilot sat was through the floor. The other girls lie in a bloody mess still in the plane which stuck up vertically out of the floor.

Everyone in the room just froze and stared. I yelled out for someone to call 911 but no one moved. I ran over to the plane and got out my phone while trying to clear the debris off the girls in the back of the plane. They had bloody faces (though they were face down so I couldn't actually see their faces) but I thought they might still be ok since they only fell from about 30 feet.

I could not figure how to dial 911 on my phone. I couldn't get to the dialer screen and it was super frustrating. Everyone was still frozen; no one helped. I yelled for Kane to throw me his phone since it's the normal kind with actual buttons for numbers (mine is a touch screen). I dialed 991 twice before finally dialing 911. An answering machine picked up and I had to listen to a menu and dial a number for the correct department. I couldn't pay attention to the menu and was extremely irritated that they would have a menu on the 911 line!

I finally cleared one of the girls from the plane. Laying on the ground she was a magazine though, not a girl. I felt her heart beat (yes, the magazine had a heart beat) and it was strong but erratic. I knew if we could just get an ambulance she would probably be ok; they all would. I woke up before I could get help.

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  1. holy smokes!!! this dream is bonkers in the best way possible. love reading, as always. especially when marc turned into a cake. magical!