Saturday, March 26, 2011

John Lennon

I was at some event and John Lennon was there. He was leaning in a doorway and I went over to talk to him. He was very tall and spoke to me about how he was the only one of all the people he knew who was faithful to his wife and how important that was to him. He said that William Shatner was the only other guy he'd ever met who was faithful to his wife also.

Later, John Lennon tried to make out with me and I wondered what he considered faithful.

Bar and Transexual Robby

My sister's bar opened today, in real life. Last night I had a dream that the bar opened and my dad was bartending. There were lots of people there and he was working hard to get all their orders quickly. He was sweating a lot and his face was red as he worked.

I was milling around when our sorta-cousin Robby came in. He had decided he wanted to be a woman and wore a blond shoulder-length wig. His new name was Cheryl and I struggled to call him that instead of Robby. But I respected his decision and tried to act normal about it.

He hadn't shaved his beard in a while though, which I thought was an odd choice if he was going to be a woman from now on.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zombie House

It was night time in a house. Lots of people were there, sort of like a party. Lots of dogs and cats too.

I went out of the apartment to the hall. I must have heard something. I saw a dog in the next room. It was very dark. I saw the dog, it was big. I couldn't yet tell if it was a zombie dog.

It ran over to me. I hesitated but it seemed to be ok. It was a St. Bernard. There was a door in the other room where the dog had been that was open to the outside. It was letting in a stream of streetlight into the room. It was very quiet.

I took the dog and went back to the apartment with the party. I asked the main guy if the dog was his. I guess it wasn't but he was pretty much taking in all the homeless animals whose parents had become zombies, so I let the dog wander around in the apartment.

Everyone continued with their partying. Apparently there were zombies outside but they didn't pay us any mind. We kept the doors locked at night but they'd never really tried to get in. And they hid during the day so we never really had any interaction with them.

Suddenly a kid at the party gasped and beckoned me to look out the window. I peeked out to see a sea of faces, all yelling and waving their arms.

They didn't appear to see me but they were only a few feet away from me through the glass. They could easily break the glass if they tried, I'm not sure if they realized that. I was very scared.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cat's Out of the Bag

We were moving out of the house where we lived. It wasn't the house we really live in or any house I've ever actually seen before. We'd packed almost everything and I was just waiting until everything was in the car before I packed up our 5 cats and 1 kitten to bring them with us.

When I thought everything was ready, I took the 6 cats and placed them neatly in a duffel bag. They lay down in two rows of three, head to toe, and went to sleep in the bag. The bag didn't fall in on them like a normal bag would, instead it held it's shape like a box. I peeked in at the kitties; they were so cute all sleeping in a row.

Just when I was going to put the cats in the car, I realized that a TV and DVD player were still hooked up. I yelled at Trevor to unplug them and load them into the car right now before the cats woke up.

It took too long and the cats all crawled out of the bag. I was pissed. They went all different directions and I knew it was going to be very difficult to gather them all again.

We took a break and went to the grocery store that was pretty much attached to part of the house. I was going to buy something and saw Katy Perry in line. She had a blue sequined tube top on. She was with a really short man and I was confused because clearly she could do better.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I just realized my last two dream posts involved helicopters. What the heck is that about?

Helicopter in the Chandelier

I was at a party, something like a huge wedding or ball. There were enormous hallways with three- or four-story high ceilings and a huge ballroom. I was walking around with Alicia because some of her friends were mad at her. At one point, Courtney walked up to us and yelled at Alicia for some reason. Alicia was super sad. I was walking around with my arms around her in a hug to protect her.

Alicia was gone but I was still at the ball. I saw Marc S. and went over to say hi. He put his arm over my shoulders and we chatted. There were tons of people there, he knew some of them. There was a group playing duck-duck-goose or something nearby and everyone was super raucous. Marc and I started to wrestle on the ground, even though it was a fancy event. We were having fun but I told him he was drunk (his breath smelled like beer) and he got mad and turned into a cake.

I tried to apologize to the cake and tell him I was sorry, but I did truly think he was drunk. The cake was small and round with chocolate frosting and sparkly blue and green jewels on it. I picked it up and took it with me as I walked to the main ballroom.

The cake was no longer Marc, it was now just a cake. I sat down in a corner of the ballroom by myself away from all the people and ate the entire cake. Even in my dream I thought that was a fat ass thing to do. The ballroom was filled with people and the ceilings were very high just like the rest of the building. There were massive glass chandeliers in the ceiling.

A helicopter flew into the ballroom from one of the entrances. It had people partying on it; we were suddenly at a high school event (maybe our reunion?) because all the girls on the helicopter were from my class in high school. They were having a great time and hollering as their helicopter barely missed the main chandelier. Someone told me that the group of girls on the helicopter had paid $80,000 to fly it through the ballroom like that. I thought that was insane.

Soon another helicopter of party people came through, though this one totally looked like it hit the chandelier. I guessed that it didn't as it flew through unscathed. I think one more came through that same entrance after that.

Then another helicopter came through another entrance. The woman flying this one didn't look very sure of herself. She yelled down, "am I going to hit the chandelier?", and I said I didn't think so. She kept flying very slowly forward but suddenly the propeller stopped and they froze in mid-air for a split second.

Then the nose of the craft took a dive and the plane (it was a plane now, the kind with an open top like from the '40s) went straight into the ground. There were four girls in the back of the plane seated in two rows of two and the pilot was in the front. They crashed such that the front of the plane back to where the pilot sat was through the floor. The other girls lie in a bloody mess still in the plane which stuck up vertically out of the floor.

Everyone in the room just froze and stared. I yelled out for someone to call 911 but no one moved. I ran over to the plane and got out my phone while trying to clear the debris off the girls in the back of the plane. They had bloody faces (though they were face down so I couldn't actually see their faces) but I thought they might still be ok since they only fell from about 30 feet.

I could not figure how to dial 911 on my phone. I couldn't get to the dialer screen and it was super frustrating. Everyone was still frozen; no one helped. I yelled for Kane to throw me his phone since it's the normal kind with actual buttons for numbers (mine is a touch screen). I dialed 991 twice before finally dialing 911. An answering machine picked up and I had to listen to a menu and dial a number for the correct department. I couldn't pay attention to the menu and was extremely irritated that they would have a menu on the 911 line!

I finally cleared one of the girls from the plane. Laying on the ground she was a magazine though, not a girl. I felt her heart beat (yes, the magazine had a heart beat) and it was strong but erratic. I knew if we could just get an ambulance she would probably be ok; they all would. I woke up before I could get help.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Helicopters and Overalls

I was at an office with Jack Donaghy and we were supposed to go to some party. We were in an office on an upper floor of a high rise building and the exterior walls were full height glass. There was a huge balcony outside and the day was clear and blue.

A helicopter arrived about every 15 minutes and dropped a platform down on the balcony to take someone over to the party. It was a small blue circular platform that could fit only one person at a time. I don't think it had really sturdy railing around it, and I was scared someone might just fall off.

I was supposed to go to the party first, without Jack, to stake it out, and then come back, change my clothes and go back with Jack. At this time I was wearing dark blue overalls and had no shoes or socks on.

I took a different helicopter over to the party which was taking place in something like a hotel lobby. The room was large and open and decorated with modern furnishings. Large windows along the entrance let in pretty dusk light. Someone at the party told me that they were only letting people in for he next half hour or so, which I hadn't expected and didn't understand why. I didn't have time to go back and change and get Jack, and was contemplating what it would mean for me to stay at this party alone in my current outfit.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Planet Lazer Game

I arrived at Planet Lazer and had a hard time finding a parking space. Lots of people were there that I knew, hanging out outside like they always do. The lobby was basically the same; I signed up for a game while chatting with my friends. One weird dude was there and asked me who Mad Marc was, he said, "Is that Seth?". I told him that it was Mad Marc. I heard Marc talking about how his wife just went out of town so he sprinted over to Planet Lazer the moment she left. We all laughed.

We went in to play a game. The briefing room had been all changed around and so had the arena. I wondered why they did that, although it did look nicer. But the briefing area was too small, it couldn't fit more than a dozen people now.

I think we played a game, but I don't really remember. I do remember saying something beforehand in the lobby about how I always win. I'm so confident in my dreams.


I had a small cut on my back so I went to the masseuse to get it fixed. I sat in a tent with about two dozen other people sitting in a folding chair facing the front of the tent (like we were in a cult more than a waiting room). I figured I'd have to wait forever with all these people since I didn't make an appointment.

Shortly after I got there Monica S. from Yelp came out to call me in. She looked at my cut in a doctor's room and said that I needed stitches. She sewed up the cut with about 3 stitches and I remember that I didn't feel much pain even though she didn't use anesthetic. She said I should be careful not to move my back around too much lest the stitches rip out. I pictured this in detail when she said it and it grossed me out.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Late to Pick up Colleen in SLO

I was in San Luis Obispo and was going to some sort of fair with my family. I drove a few of us there in my car and parked in a dirt lot. My family got out and walked toward the fair and whatever activities they had.

I got a call from someone who asked me to come pick them up. I remembered walking around town earlier and seeing Colleen (Jack Donaghy's mom from 30 rock) outside a store. I said hello and offered her a ride to the fair. Apparently someone was calling to remind me to pick her up.

I went and got my chair off the lawn area -- my family had put some chairs out to reserve out spots for (assumingly) some show later. My chair was a high backed wooden dining room chair and I dragged it out through the throngs of people toward my car. I then realized there was really no reason to move my chair since I was just coming right back and felt silly.

As I started toward my car a woman asked if she could have a ride to drop her cat off at home. I said sure. As she directed me to her house I realized we were going south away from town and away from Colleen. I had told whoever was with Colleen that I'd be there in 15 mins or so and now I clearly wasn't going to make that schedule. Cat lady's house was in a town called Brie (cheese on the mind, much?) which was apparently a half hour south. Now I was upset because I had thought the cat would be on the way and I was going to be very late to get Colleen.

I dropped the cat off and started back toward town.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Coco and a House in the Woods

I was at a house in the woods; I think I had just moved there. I was not happy about it. The town was nearby, but everything was very rustic and there was dark forest all around the house. One side looked out onto a meadow in a valley, sort of like Yosemite, and on another side there was a densely forested hill.

The house was sort of a log cabin-type place. There were two pools in the house right in the main living room area, one cool water, one a hot tub. And they weren't standard below-ground pools, they were more like aquariums with clear plexi-glass sides. They were both square and right next to each other each maybe five feet deep and up against one wall.

Our dog from when I was a teenager was there, Coco. She jumped in the cold pool, which is so Coco. I watched her and she sank to the bottom, seemingly sniffing around the edges of the tank though I did realize after a while that she couldn't possibly be doing that. She would push off the bottom and propel herself to the surface every few seconds to grab a breath of air.

As I watched her, I realized she wasn't able to actually get enough air; she was to the surface but couldn't hold herself there long enough to take a breath. She was drowning. I was going to have to jump in a pull her out. I pulled my pants off (but kept my undies on because I decided it was ok to just get them wet rather than be wholly indecent in the pool) and jumped in. I grabbed her around her middle and hauled her up to the surface.

I pushed her over the edge and onto the platform next to the pool where she could get back down to the floor. The problem was that she was sort of stupid and was going to keep jumping back in the pool. We needed a fence around the pool and we needed it immediately. For some reason it didn't occur to me to just lock her in another room where she couldn't get to the pool, so I was just keeping an eagle-eyed watch over her until we could get a gate installed.

As a disjointed part of this dream, I opened a door of the cabin to look out on the meadow and saw a bear charging toward me. It was white and huge and about 100 feet away. I was terrified and slammed the door. Looking through the window I saw the bear turn brown as it ran toward the house, then run by the house, get smaller, and jump onto the back of a motorcycle. It was actually a man in a bear suit just playing around. I wondered what was wrong with the people in this town.

I also noticed, much to my surprise and delight that a tram stop was right outside our house (not on the meadow or the forest side, but one of the other sides of the house). It went straight into town which was awesome. I wasn't sure why such a small mountain town had a tram running through it, but thought that I might like this place better now that it seemed a bit more modern and urban.